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Hallway in the Moos Tower
Carlson School of Management
Ferguson Hall
Wilson Library and the Rarig Center
Carlson School of Management
Social Sciences Building
West Side of the Washington Avenue Bridge
Weisman Art Museum Entrance
Weisman Art Museum and Mississippi Riverbank
Elmer L. Anderson Library and Studio Arts Building
East Bank from the Washington Avenue Bridge
Interior of the Washington Avenue Bridge Enclosed Walkway
Washington Avenue Bridge and Skyline
East Entrance to the Washington Avenue Bridge
Coffman Plaza and Washington Avenue Footbridge
Northrop Mall Sesquicentennial Flower Display
Coffman Memorial Union
Minneapolis Skyline from the East Bank
Washington Avenue Bridge Pedestrian Deck
The Washington Avenue Bridge
Northrop Auditorium
Folwell Hall
Sorority Girls in a Frat House Balcony
Goldy the Gopher, U of M Homecoming Parade
Goldy the Gopher, U of M Homecoming Parade
Minnesota Marching Band, Homecoming Parade
Graduation Hat-Toss, University of Minnesota
Oswald Visitor Center, Minnesota Landscape Arboretum
Oswald Visitor Center, Minnesota Landscape Arboretum
Green Heron Pond, Minnesota Landscape Arboretum
Wooden Bench at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum
Bailey Shrub Walk, Minnesota Landscape Arboretum
Aerial View of the Washington Avenue Bridge, Minneapolis Campus, U of M
University of Minnesota West Bank Office Building
University Southeast Steamplant
Pillsbury Hall, University of Minnesota
Coffman Union, University of Minnesota
Chandeliers in the Northrop Auditorium Lobby
Northrop Auditorium Lobby, U of M
Aerial View of the Mississippi River and Minneapolis Riverfront
Washington Avenue Bridge
Weisman Art Museum, U of M
University of Minnesota
Bell Museum of Natural History
Katherine E. Nash Gallery, U of M
Stainless Steel Footbridge over Washington Avenue
Entrance to the Washington Avenue Bridge
Minneapolis Skyline from the U of M
Washington Avenue, Southeast
Washingron Avenue Bus Stop
Northrop Mall
Sidewalk on Northrop Mall
Northrop Memorial Auditorium
Northrop Mall
University Administration Building
Northrop Mall from Overhead
Big Urban Game Piece at Lake Harriet
Carlson School of Management
Social Sciences, Wilson Library, Humphrey Center
Mariucci Arena
Weisman Art Museum
Steam Plant Smokestack at Night
Weisman Art Museum
Weisman Art Museum Exterior
Weisman Art Museum
Skyline from Footbridge over Washington Avenue
Northrop Mall by Walter
Northrop Mall from the Plaza
Northrop Auditorium
Crew Team and the Washington Avenue Bridge
Pillsbury Hall Entrance
Sanford Hall Dormitory
Dinkytown Bikeway Connection
Folwell Hall

Thumbnails of u of m pictures

the University of Minnesota

This section contains pictures of the Minneapolis campus of the University of Minnesota, which was founded in 1851 by territorial legislature(even before the state of Minnesota was created).

This campus is divided by the Mississippi River into east and west banks, which are joined by a pedestrian walkway on top of the Washington Avenue Bridge. The east bank is filled with old, attractive stone buildings. The newer west bank has 60s and 70s era facilities, like the Wilson Library, Rarig Center, and law building.

The campus has continued to grow. Recent additions including a cutting-edge basic sciences research building, and the stainless-steel covered Weisman Art Museum(on the river's east bank near the Washington Avenue Bridge). The most recent addition is probably the The McNamara Alumni Center/University of Minnesota Gateway building, located where Memorial Stadium used to be at Oak and University. It's unique appearance resembles a giant stealth-fighter cockpit.

The U has one of the largest campuses in the U.S., and is an important part of southeast Minneapolis and the state.

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