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Removal Policy for photographs published on

This website is published in the United States by an American citizen. It is protected by the First Amendment to the US Constitution, which recognizes the rights to freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

The publisher, Chris Gregerson, has developed guidelines for the removal of content to insure the responsible exercise of these rights. These are restrictions on what material that can be published (or remain published) here. If you find material on this website that's in violation of these guidelines, please notify me and it will be removed.

Guidelines for removal of content

  1. Offensive: any material that, taken as a whole, is highly offensive to contemporary standards or the social norms of American society. This applies to any material that demonstrates a shameful or morbid interest in the obscene, or would be grossly offensive to the majority of an audience interested in contemporary photography. Sexually explicit material will also not be published. Note: this does not apply to material that is simply controversial or sensitive in nature, such as medical photography.
  2. Privacy: any material will be removed if it unreasonably reveals private facts not generally known (see below*) and that are sufficiently intimate. For example, photos of patients in a hospital or clinic without a release or their consent. No photos that intrude upon the seclusion of a person in a way that would be highly offensive to a reasonable person will be published (photos taken in secret of a person changing clothes or under especially embarrassing circumstances).
  3. Physical danger: material will be removed if, due to unforseen circumstances, it would result in physical harm to any person.
  4. Defamation: any content that constitutes defamation under the law will be removed. This includes photographic depictions that convey a harshly negative and false light, and written statements that are provably false and damaging to a person or business.
  5. Copyright: no publication of the copyrighted works of others without permission, including photos that prominently and centrally feature sculpture or artwork (excluding background or incidental appearance of public art). The works of Bob Firth and Jim Pickerell appear on this site with their express permission.
Any material published on this website which violates the above guidelines is subject to removal (see below). In the case of #6 (copyrighted works), a DMCA section 512 takedown notice should be sent to the registered domain owner's mailing address.

If you object to content on this website that is not in violation of the above guildelines, the publisher will not remove the material based solely on your personal preference it be removed.

If you object to content that is in violation of the above policy, please notify me of the objectionable material by email, including the following information:

  • The exact content you want removed, including the webpage address (URL).
  • Identify by number which of the above policies has been violated, and describe how.
  • Your own contact information (name, address, phone, email).
Removal requests can be sent to


Chris Gregerson

*Invasion of privacy by appropriation of one's likeness (such as a photograph) must involve "something more than the incidental publication of his name or likeness." Reeves v. Television Network, 983 F. Supp. 703, 710 (N.D. Ohio 1997); Fogel v. Forbes, Inc., 500 F. Supp. 1081, 1088-89 (E.D. Pa. 1980).

"...No one has the right to object merely because his name or his appearance is brought before the public, since neither is in any way a private matter and both are open to public observation." --Restatement (Second) of Torts Section 652C, comment d (1977)

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