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Stock photo licensing

The photographs on this website are original photos taken by Chris Gregerson and can be licensed for commercial use including advertising and editorial use. Photos are licensed on a single-use (or "rights managed") basis. The licensing fee is based on how widely the image will be distributed. The fee to license a photo for various uses is shown in a form under each photo if you click the "web use" or "print use" tab (this form does not appear on the mobile version of this site, only the desktop version).

Click on the terms appropriate for your use of the image and the fee will appear in the box below. For any use not covered by this form, you can email me ( the image number and a description of your use and I will reply with a quote.

Unauthorized reproduction will result in a fee three times the fair-market value for authorized use and could result in a lawsuit for copyright infringement.

"Non-commercial use" does not require a licensing fee, but a photo credit and hyperlink back to this website is required. "Non-commercial use" applies to use on a personal website, blog, or social media. It also applies to editorial use by a small non-profit organization with only one geographical location (e.g. a singl schoolbuilding or church). Internal company use by a for-profit business would be considered "commercial use".


Below are some organizations who have published my photographs.
Hudson Map
British Medical Journal
Mpls/St. Paul Magazine
Firestar Communications
Design Within Reach
Minnesota Monthly
Posters International
Folio Magazine
Nature Publishing Group
University of Arizona Press
Hennepin County
The University of Minnesota

Image format

The original format of each photo is listed under the photo (they were taken in several formats). I provide images by email as high-resolution jpeg files, sending the original file as it was downloaded from the camera. The customer is free to crop the images and adjust the levels to suit their exact use.

The format is listed as total resolution, with most photos coming from a 10, 6, or 4 megapixel camera (I'm currently using a 10 megapixel digital SLR). The current standard file format for jpeg-compressed images is the JPEG File Interchange Format (JFIF) version 1.02, which allows for an application marker (called an "APP0" marker) to specify units in inches, centimeters, or none. Another marker describes the X and Y pixel density per unit. These markers can be used to assign x and y pixel resolution per inch (or per centimeter), but they have no effect on the total resolution, which determines the sharpness of the image when printed.

property and model releases

The pictures on this site are not property released or model released, unless labeled as "model released" under the photo. For those that are model released, a copy of the release can be provided upon request.

Additional terms and policies:

  • Images are provided in digital format by email or through access to a webserver folder.
  • Image files are originals as downloaded from a digital camera. They have not been cropped, color-corrected, or otherwise modified to permit clients complete control over these decisions (such as color-correcting for their printing equipment). If you want an image modified (cropped or color-corrected) prior to delivery, please detail your requirements in advance.
  • For use on the web, TV, or CD-ROM, lower-resolution files are provided. These are identical those on my website, except there is no watermark in the lower-left corner. For all other use, the highest resolution file available will be provided.
  • Image resolution is specified underneath each photo (e.g. "available format:6 megapixel (3072 x 2048 total resolution)"). I will answer any questions about resolution, but it is the customer's responsibility to make sure the listed resolution meets their requirements.
  • Invoices are provided by email. Image use is authorized by a permission statement on the invoice.
  • Licensing may be canceled up to 30 days from the invoice date but if the images have already been provided there will be a fee of $25.00 per high-resolution file that has been provided.
  • Fees for unauthorized use are triple the fair-market rate for authorized use (consistent with other stock photo services).

This page last modified on 2018-11-16

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