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Bio for Chris Gregerson

Chris Gregerson at a Filipino Elementary School

I grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and currently live in nearby New Richmond, WI (in the house my Mom grew up in). I attended Marcy and South High in Southeast Minneapolis, and later went to vocational school for drafting. I've had a lifelong interest in computers and learned two programming languages before high school.

I started this website in 1998 to share pictures of Minneapolis, using the name "Phototour of Minneapolis". It later developed into a stock photo resource, and I now use the name "".

In 2003 my older brother, Marc, passed away due to Hodgkin's Disease. I stayed with him at UCLA Medical Center during treatment, which indirectly led me to travel abroad in 2004. I visited China with my Dad, a quality control engineer who often worked on quality issues at factories.

I visited China again a few months later and then lived in the Philippines for seven months. I married Arlene Baldovi Corpuz from Badoc, Ilocos Norte, the Philippines. . I have two Filipino-American daughters now.

I like the cultural and educational institutions in the Twin Cities, like the University of Minnesota and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. I like the change of seasons and the parks here, and the generally progressive political climate.

I developed this website using the Linux operating system and the perl programming language. I use a Canon digital SLR camera with L-series lenses. I support public health and children's issues, like the NIH-2 initiative. I posting some video of the Philippines on this website in a video section, and also added a section with my views on relationships.

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