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Essays section of

This is section of pages I've written that have opinions, consumer advice, or photo essays.


  • Bio for Chris Gregerson.
    A short bio for the creator of this domain.
  • Marc Gregerson and Hodgkin's Disease
    An account of my brother Marc's life, including his diagnosis and treatment for Hodgkin's Disease.
  • Malicious Prosecution Lawsuit
    An account of a lawsuit I filed May 28th, 2009, in Minnesota State Court against several parties who participated in an earlier suit against me. The court found that suit involved forged evidence, false testimony, and lacked credible evidence to support it's claims. I prevailed, but am seeking my costs in defending myself against the baseless suit. The defendants are Vilana Financial, Inc., Andrew Vilenchik, Boris Parker, Bassford Remele, Saliterman & Siefferman, Morgan Smith, Smith & Raver, and Vladimir Kazaryan.
  • Copyright Lawsuit
    A chronological account of litigation between myself and a corporation that used photos from this website without permission. I wrote about their infringement on this website, and they sued me for defamation in October, 2005. I filed a copyright infringement lawsuit, and a trial was held in November, 2007, resulting in a verdict in my favor on all counts.
  • Digital Photo Archiving
    A description of the system I've employed to archive a large collection of digital images (over 100,000). It uses a RAID array, backup drive on a second computer, and optical media (CD-ROM, DVD-ROM).
  • Representative Democracy
    What if voters only elected candidates who agreed to govern according to the majority opinion of their constituents? This is the literal interpretation of "representation".
  • Critical thinking in relationships.
    An objective analysis of communication, expectations, and empathy in personal relationships.

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