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Preschool Girl Pointing to the Philippines on a World Map
American Flag Outside Public School
American Flag on Main Street, Rural Wisconsin
American Flag and a Blue Sky with Clouds
Factory Pipes, Steel, and a Catwalk at the US-Canadian Border
Woman Washing Hands at a Sink
Downtown Office Buildings (Fifth Street Towers and One Financial Plaza)
Field of Headstones at Arlington National Cemetery
Robert Kennedy's Grave Marker, Arlington Cemetery
One Way Sign Painted on the Street
Computer Keyboard on Office Desktop
Father and Child in Silhouette on Lakeshore
Hands of Tricycle Drivers Pointing to a Map Location in Angeles City, Pampanga
Palm Tree, Blue Sky, and Moon
Walking on Venice Beach
In-Home Stair Lift (for the Elderly or Disabled)
Waving American Flag
Swing and Snow
Collage of Photos of Chris Gregerson
Greedy Squirrel Stealing Food
Aerial Shot of Rural Midwest
Blue Sky and Clouds
Aircraft Wing Detail and Clouds
Coach Cabin on a Commercial Airline
A Boy in the Weeds, Looking up and Smiling
Traffic Jam on 35W in Minneapolis
Office Buildings and Flags, Downtown Minneapolis
Corn Field after Harvest, Wisconsin
Car Wreck/Crashed Car by the Highway
Railroad Crossing Sign
Close-up of Rail on Train Tracks
Foreshortened Bend in Railroad Tracks
Close-up of Railroad Tracks
Rope in Manila Bay, the Philippines
Coffee Cup with Whole Beans
Roasted Coffee Beans in Coffee Cup
Seagull Soaring Freely over the Pacific
Business Card, Passport, and Foriegn Currency
Asian and American Currency
Fresh Fish at the Market
Transit Union Strike Picket Sign
Woman's Hands and Grocery List
Hallway at High School (Motion Blur)
Overhead Projector (Sony)
Gumball Machines
Gumball Machines
Squirrel Intruder
Icefishing house on a Frozen Lake
Car Driving in Snow
Thin Ice Warning, Icehouse
Minnesota License Plate, Frozen
Icicles Hanging from the Roof of a House
Incoming Squirrel Close-Up
Squirrel Watching Camera
Grass and Leaf Covered with Hoarfrost
American Flag
American Flag
Eye (Close-up)
Wood Chairs, Black and White
Footprints in the Snow
Footprints in Baseball Infield
Blood Transfusion
Cup of Coffee and Notebook

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