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Rachel, the Vulcanizer's Daughter
Basketball Fan, Angeles City
Den-Den and Wilma, Angeles City
Wilma, Angeles City
Apple and Angel, Children in Angeles City
Vulcanizer's Children, Philippines
Vulcanizer's Child, Philippines
Young Boy in Angeles City
Girl at Sari-Sari Store, Diamond Subdivision
Elementary School Students, Siteo Pader
Elementary School Students, Siteo Pader
Filipino Men at Trike Stand, Angeles City
Young Boys Walking Together, Philippines
Filipina Student on the Street, Angeles City
Motorcycle Police, Philippines
Man Playing Chess, Angeles City
Young Boy on Bike, Angeles City
People on the Sidewalk in Angles City, Pampanga
Sheree Ann Corpuz in Ilocos Norte
Nieces and Nephews Playing on the Bed, Philippines
People Walking in the Good Friday Parade, Vigan
Beautiful Ilocana Woman
Ilocano Men, Laoag Butcher Shop
Girl Selling Fruit by the Road, Philippines
Fifth Grade Class Photo, the Philippines
Student Raising Hand, Filipino Elementary School
Christine of Angeles City
Mother and Daughter, Siteo Pader Elementary School
Young Girl, Abigail
Young Girls/Friends in the Philippines
6th Grade Graduate, Siteo Pader Elementary School
Elementary School Girls/Close Friends (Den-Den and Abigail)
Clariz Bante, Filipino Elementary Student
Ilocana Woman/Grandmother, Vigan, the Philippines
Girl Holding Clothes-Line, Rural Philippines
Angelica in Badoc, the Philippines
Igarot Posing Outside Baguio Botanical Gardens
American Male Posing with the Manila Skyline
Students at Siteo Pader Elementary School, Philippines
Abigail in Angeles City
Young Girl Selling Eggplant, Laoag, Philippines
Filipina (Asian) Woman on Cell Phone, Greenbelt 2, Manila
Filipina Smiling while Visiting her Family's Barangay
Close-Up of Girl Swimming in the Badoc River, Ilocos Norte, the Philippines
Older Brother and Sister, Ilocos Norte, the Philippines
Two Girls Playing in a Village in the Philippines
Three Filipina Women Looking at Photos
Homeless Little Girl Bringing Food to her Brother
Trike Drivers in Divisoria
Mom with Kids on a Jeepney to Baclaran, Philippines
Girl Selling Bags in Baclaran, Paranaque, Philippines
Young Filipino Kids Selling Crafts to Shoppers
Residents of Aeta Village in Pampanga
Aeta Boy Holding a Ball in Pampanga
Old Woman in Aeta Village, Pampanga
Toddler/Pre-School Aeta Kids Standing in front of a House
Aeta Teenagers Posing in Pampanga Village
Shy Aeta Teenagers Posing Before Camera
Female and Child in Aeta Village, Pampanga
Aeta Women Posing in Settlement Village, Pampanga
Chris Handing Out Photos in Aeta Settlement Village, Pampanga
American Posing with Aeta Friends in Pampanga
Female Talking with Aeta Kids in Pampanga
Sister-like Aeta Girls Standing Beside Each Other
Aeta Girls Standing by a Nipa Hut
Father and Young Son in Aeta Village, Pampanga
Aeta Family Inside Nipa House in Settlement Area
Aeta Boys Smiling for the Camera
Father with His Children in Aeta Village, Pampanga
Assistant Brgy. Captain of Aeta Village in Pampanga Posing with His Relative
Happy Aetas Pampanga Smiling for the Camera
Aeta Kids Waving Goodbye in Angeles, Pampanga
Group of Aeta Kids in Angeles City, Pampanga
Group of Young Male Aeta and Part Aeta Friends in Angeles City
Aeta and Part Aeta Friends in Angeles City
Aeta Girls standing near Clark’s Perimeter Wall
Group of Filipino Kids Happily Posing for the Camera
Happy Filipina Girl Smiling at the Camera
Thin Child Staring at the Camera from her Bed at the Pediatric Ward, Ospital ng Angeles
Smiling Grandmother Posing Beside a Sleeping Baby in the Nursery
Mother Assisting Baby with Inhaler in Ospital ng Angeles' (ONA) Nursery
Nurse Taking Care of Infant in Ospital ng Angeles' (ONA) Nursery
Trike Driver Posing by his Trike
Smiling Filipina girl Holding onto an Adult
Friendship between Filipino Kids in Angeles City, Pampanga
Filipina Grandmother and Grandchild in Angeles City, Pampanga
A Cluster of Filipino Kids Posing in Angeles City, Pampanga
Filipino kids huddling in Angeles City, Pampanga
A Cluster of Filipino Kids' Faces in Angeles, Pampanga
Filipino Boy Posing with Cold Drink on Hand
Elementary School Girls Going Home to their Angeles City, Pampanga Neighborhood
Wilma, a Filipina girl from Siteo Pader, Angeles City, Pampanga
Filipina Girl with German Features
Filipino-German Siblings in Pampanga
Filipino Tricycle Driver Waiting for a Fare
Tricycle Driver Sleeping on his Motorcycle
Wake in Sitio Pader, Angeles City, Philippines
Kids standing against newly painted wall around Pader Elementary, Sitio Pader, Angeles City, Philippines
Filipino boy's funeral in Angeles City, MacArthur, Pampanga, Philippines
A Smiling Old Man Uses a Bamboo Rod in Carrying His Goods in Baguio Public Market
Two Smiling Men in Baguio Public Market, Baguio City, Philippines
Woman Vendor Carrying a Bilao of Vegetables in Baguio Public Market
The Lovely Arlene near Baguio Public Market, Baguio City, Philippines
A Smiling Lady in the Middle of the Crowd in Baguio Public Market, Baguio City, Philippines
An Old Woman Resting Her Head on Hands in the Baguio Public Market
Smiling Boy Leans Over the Railing of a Sidewalk in Baguio City, Philippines
Children Wearing Surgical Mask Because of Meningococcemia Outbreak in Baguio City, The Philippines
A Grandmother and Her Granddaughters on Session Road in Baguio City, Philippines
An Old Lady Carrying a Basin and Crossing the Street in Baguio City, Philippines
Man, Buyer of SIM Cards, by an Overpass in Baguio City, Philippines
A Filipino Vendor Selling Chicharon (Fried Pork Skin) Crackers
Funeral March on the Road to Baguio, Philippines
Statue of Benigno Aquino, the Philippine 1986 Revolution Hero, at His Last Moment Disembarking a Plane
Boys Laughing on Tricycles in Poblacion, Vigan, Ilocos Sur
Angelica Taking Pictures, Badoc River, Ilocos Norte, Philippines
Ilocana Girl With Digital Camera
Three Filipino Men on a Motorcycle, Angeles City
Little Girl Driving a Motorcycle
A Group of People Sleeps at the Bus Station in Angeles City
A Tricycle for Loading Things in the Streets of Imus, Cavite
Poor People Living at the Market of Tagaytay
Student and a Policeman Waiting on the Street in Tagaytay
Close-Up Shot of Smiling Boy and Friends in Delpan, Tondo, Manila
Smiling Young Girl and Playmates in Delpan, Tondo, in Manila
Group of Children Lauging on the Streets in Delpan, Tondo, Manila
Muslims Wearing Headscarfs and Chadors or Jilbab in Quiapo
A Crowd of People in One of Quinta Market Alley
A Brown-Skinned Lady Lights Colorful Candles in the Middle of a Crowd
A Crowd of People Under the Archway of Quiapo Church (Right Wing)
Disabled Man in a Wheelchair selling Sweepstakes Tickets near Quiapo Church
Young Girl in Traditional Dress, Ilocos Norte, the Philippines
Couple Being Married in the Philippines
Men Riding in a Jeepney, Angeles City
Aeta Children in Clark
Peace Sign from a Group of Teenage Basketball Players in Balibago, Angeles City, Philippines
Young Brown-Skinned Filipina Girl
Karaoke Bar in Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines
Typical Busy Street in the Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines
A Young Filipina Lady Carrying a Child
Chris Amidst the Poor Children in Balibago, Angeles, Pampanga, Philippines
Chris and Poor Children in Siteo Pader in Balibago, Angeles, Pampanga, Philippines
Students Strolling along the Vicinity of the Town of Balibago in Angeles City Philippines
Traffic on MacArthur Highway in Angeles City, Pampanga
Two Filipino Friends Riding a Scooter in Balibago, Angeles City, Pampanga
Image of a Brick Layer with a Funny Looking Make-Shift Hat
Picture of Construction Workers Amidst Concrete Blocks
Image of a Street Boy on a Bicycle Smiling
Man with Arms Akimbo in Grey Shirt with a Jeep on the Background
Smiling Man in Yellow Shirt Near a Big Tree
Pictures of Laborers Under an Unfinished Metal Frame for the Building
Boy Flaunting His Face Wearing a Green Shirt
Toddler Being Carried on a Moving Tricycle Along With Two Red San Miguel Beer Cases
Three Filipino Young Boys Smiling Standing on the Street
Close-up Picture of a Young Brown-Skinned Girl
Brown-Skinned Girl on an Area with Thick Vegetation
A Young Filipino Boy Eating a Candy Bar.
Bus Riders in Manila
Young Girl Walking Past Shops, Angeles City
Young Woman in Ilocos Norte, Philippines (Sheree Ann Corpuz)
Filipino Family Members, Siteo Pader, Pampanga
Two Filipino Children
Two Boys with their Rooster
Patric, Posing for his Photo
A Boy Posing in the Street
Portrait of Man and Child
Sharon Smiling, Siteo Pader, Angeles City
Young Filipino Kids
Young Asian Boy in the Philippines
Teenage Filipina Girl
Jeralyn, Diamond Subdivision, Angeles City
Patric, Angels City, the Philippines
Reynaldo Areno, his Brother, and a Cousin
Cherry Belle, Road Two, the Philippines
A Boy in the Weeds, Looking up and Smiling
Three Sweet Kids, Angeles City, Philippines
Two Boys Posing, Angeles City, the Philippines
Old Woman and Young Kids, Siteo Pader, The Philippines
Young Kids Smiling in the Streets of the Philippines
Mother and Frightened (Crying) Child, Philippines
Filipino Man, Poor Father and His Daughter
Young Girl in the Philippines (Abigail)
Mother and Son at Hospital Pediatrics Ward, Philippines
Young Boys Clowning/acting Silly in Manila
Young, Smiling Filipino Boy Climbing Wall
Old Woman in Baclaran, Manila, the Philippines
American Speaking Tagalog with Children in Manila
Catholic Penitent in Angeles City, Pampanga
A Catholic Penitent on Good Friday, the Philippines
Catholic Penitents, Angeles City, the Philippines
Filipino Man and Infant, Manila
Filipino Man Laughing
Young Women in Manila, the Philippines
Boys Behind Wire Cage, Manila
Young Children Playing in Manila
Filipino Man Toasting a Beer
Jeepney Driver Using Cell Phone
Father and Son, Manila, the Philippines
Filipino Boys in Manila Smiling
Filipino Teenager Working
Filipino Teenagers in Manila
Boy Smiling on Manila Street
Crying Child in Manila
Child Street Sweeper, Ermita, Manila
Filipino Boy on Manila Street
Armed Security Guards, Manila, The Philippines
Attractive Filipina Woman in Makati, Manila
Filipino Man (Pampanga)
Young Kids in Manila
Filipino Children by Manila Harbor
Street Kids Playing with Pay Phone, Manila
Street Child Holding Food
Close-up of Filipina Vendor in Baguio
Filipino Army Soldiers
American Photographer with Filipinos
Squatter Father with Daughter
Kids and Teenagers in Riverbank Slum
Filipino Man on Garbage Pile
Christine, Young Girl With Bangs
Filipino Children
Three Filipina Girls Laughing
Two Young Filipino Boys
Children at Aeta Village, the Philippines
Young Filipina Girls / Friends
Phillippines Traffic Cop
Child Smiling, Holding a Photograph
Native Children with American, the Philippines
American Giving Photos to Filipino Children
Aeta and Filippino Children, Clark Air Base
Aeta Children in Pampanga, the Philippines
Neighborhood Kids in the Philippines
Filipino Boys Laughing
Portrait of Two Filipinas Girls in a Schoolyard
Filipino Schoolkids Laughing
Elementary School Children in the Philippines
Aeta Children, the Philippines
Westerner with Native Children, The Philippines
Asian Girls in School Uniform
Filipina Schoolgirls Running
Filipina Schoolgirls
Family on a Moped
Boy and Girl on Bike, the Philippines
Asian Girl and Woman with Digital Camera
Filipino Schoolboy
Digital Photographer in the Developing World
Young Girl Using a Digital Camera
Workers Harvesting Rice Manually
Children on Farm in the Philippines
Filipina Girl Posing with Camera
Filipina Girl with Digital Camera

Thumbnails of philippines people pictures

Photos showing the people of the Philippines (portraits, group photos, and candid shots). Some include my wife and her family.
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