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Tatalon Neighborhood, Manila
Makati Skyline from the Pasig River
Shanties on the Pasig River, Manila
Medallions Hanging in a Manila Taxi
Manila Traffic Jam
Rooftops in Baclaran, Manila
Jeepney in Legaspi Village, Manila
Outside of the Manila Domestic Passenger Terminal
Commuters Waiting for Jeepneys in Cubao, Manila
Commuters Waiting for Jeepneys in Cubao, Manila
Jeepneys on Aurora Blvd in Cubao, Manila, at Night
Unfinished Construction Project, Manila
Green Hills Shopping Center, Manila
Jeepney Arriving in Cubao, Manila, at Night
Security Guard with Shotgun
Burger Machine Stand in Makati, Manila
Jeepny on Chino Roces at Arnaiz Ave, Manila
Manila Street Food Vendor -
Jeepney on Crowded Manila Street
Dentist Working on a Patient, Manila, the Philippines
Dentist Working on a Patient, Manila, the Philippines
Dentist Working on a Patient, Manila, the Philippines
Manila Doctors Hospital, Manila, the Philippines
Filipino Men, Manila Bay
Stilt Houses in Manila Bay, the Philippines
Stilt House in Manila Bay
BSA Mansion in Legaspi Village, Manila
Manila Rooftops Looking Northwest from Legaspi Village
Manila Looking West from Legaspi Village, Makati
Manila Rooftops in Legaspi Village
Aerial View of San Lorenzo Village, Manila, Philippines
Unfinished High-Rise in Makati, Manila
Construction Crane and Manila Rooftops
Manila Apartment Buildings
Manila Rooftops
Manila Rooftops and Superhighway Overpass
Hand Trucks Parked in a Warehouse, Manila, Philippines
Busy Divisoria Street
Produce Vendor Sleeps in Traffic, Manila, Philippines.
Homeless Living Along the Railroad Tracks, Divisoria
Two Young Boys on a Manila Street
Bustling Divisoria Street, Manila
Overhead View of Divisoria, Manila
Market Lane in Divisoria Neighborhood, Metro Manila
Clothes Bazaar in Divisoria, Philippines
Street in Divisoria, Metro Manila
Jeepney Traffic in Divisoria, Manila, the Philippines
Bumper to Bumper Jeepneys, Three Rows Deep, in Manila, Philippines
Jeepney in Divisoria
Pedestrians Among the Jeepneys, Divisoria, Manila
Jeepney Traffic in Divisoria
Trike Drivers in Divisoria
Divisoria Neighborhood in Manila, the Philippines
Philippine Airlines Jet and Makati Skyline, Manila
Jeepney Traveling on Empty Street in Manila
Mini-Bus in Manila, Philippines
Dilapidated Retail Store in Manila
Filipinos Waiting by the Sari Sari Store
Colorful Jeepneys on a street in Manila, Philippines
Jeepney Packed with Passengers in Manila
Driving along Busy Street in Manila
Mom with Kids on a Jeepney to Baclaran, Philippines
Girl Selling Bags in Baclaran, Paranaque, Philippines
Religious Articles Shop, Baclaran, Philippines
Baclaran Night Market in Paranaque, Manila
Jeepney in Motion, Baclaran, Philippines
Night Market in Baclaran, Philippines
Pollution in Makati Skyline, Philippines
View from the Copacabana Hotel, Edsa-Baclaran Area, Philippines
Traditional Chinese Building along Coastal Road, Manila
Cluster of Houses at Manila Bay, Philippines
Fishermen in Manila Bay, Philippines
Squatters Area at Manila Bay, Philippines
House on Manila Bay as seen from Coastal Road
Construction of Breakwater in Manila Bay, Philippines
Makeshift Docking Area for Boats, Manila Bay, Philippines
Fishermen on Boat in Manila Bay, Philippines
House and Docking Area, Manila Bay, Philippines
House on Manila Bay as Seen from Coastal Road
Ferry in a Tranquil Manila Bay at Dusk
Tricycle Parked In Front of a Barangay Hall
Manila Hotel, a Place Like No Other
High-Rise Towers of Makati City, Manila, Philippines
Police and Security Officers of Manila Rail Transit
Elevated Light Rail Tracks viewed from Above, Metro Manila
Condominium Rising above Rooftops, Residential Area of Manila
Shabby Houses Near a Fish Pond in Cavite
Shabby Houses Near a Fish Pond in Cavite
Sari-Sari Store in Tondo and a Filipina Girl Carrying an Infant
Close-Up Shot of Smiling Boy and Friends in Delpan, Tondo, Manila
Smiling Young Girl and Playmates in Delpan, Tondo, in Manila
Group of Children Lauging on the Streets in Delpan, Tondo, Manila
Different Types of Vehicles on the Bridge of a Major Thoroughfare of Manila
Buildings and Shanties overlooking Pasig River in Tondo, Manila
The Superferry 1 Passenger Ship in Manila Bay
Boat Transfers Goods to Superferry 1 Passenger Ship
Filipino Truck Driver Reading a Newspaper in his Cab
Muslims Wearing Headscarfs and Chadors or Jilbab in Quiapo
A Crowd of People in One of Quinta Market Alley
The Towering Basilica of Black Nazarene in Quiapo, Manila
A Brown-Skinned Lady Lights Colorful Candles in the Middle of a Crowd
A Crowd of People Under the Archway of Quiapo Church (Right Wing)
A Sampaguita and Ilang-Ilang Vendor in the Teeming Courtyard of Quiapo Church
Busy Day on Carriedo Flea Market
Disabled Man in a Wheelchair selling Sweepstakes Tickets near Quiapo Church
Crowd of Shoppers and Vendors along Evangelista Street and in Front of Carriedo Flea Market
People Walking the Underpass of Quiapo, Manila
Chain of Shanties Alongside the Oldest Land Railway in Metro Manila Extending to South of Luzon.
A Foreign Photographer Searches for the a Good Shot in Quiapo
Chain of Houses in One of the Localities in Manila Area
Street Children Begging for Money, Manila.
Poor Little Boy in the Street of Manila
Boy Crossing a Polluted River in Baclaran, Manila
Street Kids Sleeping near Rail Road Tracks in Manila
Shanties outside Manila, the Philippines
Truck with Workers on the Freeway into Manila
Filipino Boy and Girl Walking Home, Manila
Men Under Bridge, Manila
Girls Selling Flower Necklaces to Cars, Manila
Slum Along Train Tracks, Manila
Cooking Along Train Tracks, Manila, Philippines
Store Along Train Tracks, Manila
Housing in Santa Mesa, Manila, The Philippines
Railroad Surrounded by Housing, Manila, the Philippines
Train Rumbling Through Manila Neighborhood
Train Passing Through Manila Neighborhood
Jeepneys in Quiapo, Manila
Jeepneys in Quiapo, Manila
Quiapo Market, Manila
Close-up of Shanties, Manila, the Philippines
Shanties Along Train Tracks, Manila, the Philippines
Train Tracks and Squatters, Manila
People Living Along Railroad Tracks, Close-up
People Living Along Railroad Tracks in Manila
Manila Neighborhood, the Philippines
Jeepney on an Overpass in Manila
Jeepney Driver Using Cell Phone
Street in the Tatalon Neighborhood, Quezon City, Manila
Female Dog on Streets of Manila, the Philippines
Row of Shanties with Colored Laundry
Pasig River and Manila Skyline
Man Hauling Tires on Manila Freeway
Railroad Tracks and Shanties in Manila
Shanties Along Pasig River in Manila
Jeepney and Passengers on Manila Street
Manila Street Scene
Filipino Boy on Manila Street
Manila Harbor and Manila Hotel
Manila Skyline (Quiapo)
Manila Harbor
Manila Cathedral in Intramuros
Department of Tourism Building, Manila
Intramuros, Manila, the Philippines
Manila Skyline (Quiapo)
Cruise Ship in Manila Bay
Rizal Park and Intramuros in Manila from Overhead
Department of Tourism Building, Ermita
Makati Skyline, Manila, the Philippines
Manila Business District
Manila Jeepneys
EDSA Highway, Manila
Pasig River, Manila Bay, the Philippines
Taft Avenue Jeepney, Manila, the Philippines
Jeepney in Manila at Dusk
Makati Skyline, Manila, the Philippines
Greenbelt Park, Makati, Manila
Greenbelt, Makati, Manila, the Philippines
Makati Avenue, Ayala Center, Manila
Taft Avenue and Light Rail Line, Manila
Elevated Train in Manila, Philippines
Kids Playing on Vehicles, Manila, the Philippines
Power Lines in Manila, the Philippines
Manila Neighborhood Scene
Calesas (Horse-Drawn Carriages) in Manila, the Philippines
Child Selling Rags in the Streets of Manila
Jeepney at Equitable PCI, the Philippines
SM Mega-mall Shopping Center in Manila
Dramatic Asian Sunset
Traffic Tunnel on EDSA, Manila, Philippines
Jeepney in Manila, The Philippines
Jeepneys in Manila at Night
Taxi Driver's Catholic Medallion
Armed Bank Guards, Manila, The Philippines
Ship in Manila Bay at Sunset
Ship in Manila Bay, the Philippines
Street Vendor in Traffic, Manila
Filipino Man Sleeping in a Sidecar
Crossing Guard in Manila
Shanties Along River in Manila
Abandoned High-Rise Construction Project
Armed Bank Security Guard, Manila
American and Filipino Children, Manila
Fort Santiago, Manila
Pasig River, Manila, The Philippines
Entrance to Fort Santiago, Manila
Abandoned Building, Manila, the Philippines
Pier on Manila Bay at Sunset
Rope in Manila Bay, the Philippines
Woman Sitting on Cement Wall
Female Profile Against the Ocean Sunset
Rizal Memorial, Luneta Park, Manila
Rizal Monument, Luneta Park, Manila, Philippines
Filipina Visiting Luneta Park, Manila
Street Garbage and Campaign Sign
Street Kids Playing with Pay Phone, Manila
Street Child Holding Food
Shanty Roof made from Sheet Metal and Car Tires
Squatter's Shanties (Homes) Along Railroad Tracks

Thumbnails of manila pictures

Photos taken in and depicting the city of Manila, Capital of the Philippines

This is the historical capitol of the Philippine Islands. The larger area is known as Metro Manila, or the capitol region. The city was badly damaged during it's recapture from the Japanese during the second world war, but some important historical landmarks remain.

Manila is known for Jeepneys and light rail, as well as heavy traffic, shanties, and pollution. It is on Manila Bay, with a port on Roxas Avenue, and a high-rise business district in Makati (video). I visited Makati often, as well as Tatalon in Quezon City, Tondo, Divisoria, Quiapo, and Edsa.
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