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Two Aeta Children and their Mom, Pampanga, the Philippines
Kids Lining Up for Candies from Visitor
Chris Giving Out Candies in Aeta Village
Boys Playing Basketball in Aeta Village
Woman Posing with Granddaughter in Aeta Settlement Area
Two Young Filipino Boys Posing at the Aeta Village
Group of Aeta Kids Asking for a Copy of Pictures
Aeta Kids Holding Photo of Themselves
Aeta Village at the Foot of the Hill, Pampanga
Young Aeta Girl Holding Brother
Young Aeta Girl with Windswept Hair
Young Aeta Kids Gather for Photos
Residents of Aeta Village in Pampanga
Woman Posing with Granddaughter and Kids from Aeta Settlement Village
Aeta Child Playing Alone in Pampanga
Aeta Boy Holding a Ball in Pampanga
Aeta Girl and Little Boy Posing in Pampanga
Edge of Aeta Village in Pampanga
Photographer Distributing Photos in Aeta Village
Photographer Showing Photos to Aeta Children in Pampanga
Two Different Looking Aeta Boys in Pampanga Village
Old Woman in Aeta Village, Pampanga
Toddler/Pre-School Aeta Kids Standing in front of a House
Aeta Teenagers Posing in Pampanga Village
Old Guy in Aeta Village, Pampanga
Aeta Girls Posing Against Clark’s Perimeter Wall
Aeta Village Kids Running to Greet Visitors
Shy Aeta Teenagers Posing Before Camera
Female and Child in Aeta Village, Pampanga
Aeta Women Posing in Settlement Village, Pampanga
Chris Handing Out Photos in Aeta Settlement Village, Pampanga
Photographer Distributing Photos in Aeta Village, Pampanga
Chris Jotting Down Names of Aeta Kids in the Philippines
American Photographing Female Aeta Kids in Pampanga
American Posing with Aeta Friends in Pampanga
Female Talking with Aeta Kids in Pampanga
Bahay Kubo in Aeta Village Under Construction
Sister-like Aeta Girls Standing Beside Each Other
Aeta Girls Standing by a Nipa Hut
Father and Young Son in Aeta Village, Pampanga
Traditional Aeta House in Pampanga Settlement Area
Aeta Family Inside Nipa House in Settlement Area
Aeta Village Houses in Pampanga
Aeta Boys Smiling for the Camera
Father with His Children in Aeta Village, Pampanga
Young Boy Hauling Jugs of Water on Sleigh
Assistant Brgy. Captain of Aeta Village in Pampanga Posing with His Relative
Happy Aetas Pampanga Smiling for the Camera
Shocked and Excited Aetas in Angeles, Pampanga
Female Looking Down Towards the Aeta Village
Man Carrying a Sack of Rice to Aeta Village in Pampanga
Aeta Kids Waving Goodbye in Angeles, Pampanga
Group of Aeta Kids in Angeles City, Pampanga
Group of Young Male Aeta and Part Aeta Friends in Angeles City
Aeta and Part Aeta Friends in Angeles City
Aeta Girls standing near Clark’s Perimeter Wall
Children at Aeta Village, the Philippines
Native Children with American, the Philippines
Aeta and Filippino Children, Clark Air Base
Aeta Children in Pampanga, the Philippines
Westerner with Native Children, The Philippines

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Aetas or Ita are identified as descendants of the original inhabitants of the Philippines who came across land bridges that connected with Asia thousands of years ago.

The Aeta make up a small percentage of the modern population of the Philippines.
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