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This section contains photos taken in the Republic of the Philippines, or the Philippine Islands, in southeast Asia. The only Catholic country in Asia, the tree main island groups are Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

I have to start out by saying that I love the Philippines. This is an almost universal sentiment of anyone who is from there, or has visited there. But I will also express criticisms of some things (such as the well known problem with corruption, for example).

The capital is Manila, on Luzon (the northern largest island). About 80% of the Philippine people are Catholic. Tagalog (or Filipino) is the national language, with English widely used (the courts and college-level education is in English, as are the large newspapers in Manila).

I first went to the Philippines in 2004, and stayed six months. I went to meet a friend, but we are now married (Arlene Gregerson). I stayed in Luzon (living in Pampanga), but I traveled to Ilocos Norte twice, to see Arlene's family home (video showing Las Ud). I stopped in Tarlac, La Union, Vigan, and visited many parts of Manila (Tatalon, Tondo, R10, Edsa, Intramuros, Divisoria, Santa Mesa, and Makati). South of Manila, I went to Cavite and Tagaytay.

Photos in this section include people, animals, construction, transportation, and daily life in both the cities and rural Luzon. Photos are available for use in publication, just click on any image to request a licensing quote (non-commercial web use is allowed at no charge if there is a link-back, email me for details).

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