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Downtown Minneapolis from 7th Street North
Washington Avenue at 3rd Avenue North
Target Center from 3rd Avenue North
7th Street North and Target Center
National Biscuit Company Building
3rd Avenue North and 2nd Street
International Design Center
First Street and Second Avenue
Obscure Abandoned Car
Seventh Street and the Target Center, Minneapolis, MN
Cedar Lake Trail Exit
Minneapolis Skyline in Winter
Minneapolis Light Rail Train at Platform
1st Avenue North at Night
First Avenue and 7th Street
1st Avenue and 6th Street
Theatre de la Jueune Lune
Hard Rock Sign and Target Center
First Avenue Nightclub
Construction Trailers on 5th Street
Origami Restaurant
2nd Street and Portland Ave
Theatre de la Jeune Lune
Butler Square Atrium
Front Atrium in Butler Square
1st Avenue and 3rd Street North
Parking Lot and the Old Ford Plant
Little Nikki's Coffee House
Block E from 1st Avenue and 7th Street

Thumbnails of warehouse district pictures

The Warehouse district is part of downtown, but is recognized as a distinct section of downtown. It is west of Hennepin where there are old warehouses, and differs from the area east of Hennepin which is built up with office buildings and corporate skyscrapers.

Many of the warehouses and other buildings along First Avenue North have been rehabilitated and are now home to restaurants and bars. Butler Square is perhaps the most complete remodeling job; much of the interior has been gutted to create an open-air atrium.

Target Center and First Avenue are in the warehouse district, as is Theatre de la Jeunne Leunne. The riverfront north of downtown is just beginning a several-decade, municipally-sponsored redevelopment with work on Mill Ruins park.

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