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Lakewood Cemetery Chapel
Chris and his Daughter at Lakewood Cemetery
Mother and Baby Girl at Lakewood Cemetery
Canoes Lined up on the Beach at Lake Calhoun
Biking and Canoing at Lake Calhoun, Minneapolis
People on the Dining Patio at the Tin Fish, Lake Calhoun
Kyakers on Lake Calhoun
The Tin Fish Restaurant at Lake Calhoun
Parents Pushing Baby Strollers on Lake Calhoun Walking Path
People Jogging on the Path Around Lake Calhoun
Bicycle Riders at Lake Calhoun
Bicycle Rider at Lake Calhoun, Minneapolis
Whole Foods Market Near Lake Calhoun, Minneapolis
Minneapolis Night Skyline from Lake Calhoun
Fall Colors at Lakewood Cemetery
Lakewood Cemetery Entrance
Lot 2, Lakewood Cemetery
View of Babyland at Lakewood
Stone Planter at Lakewood Cemetery
Statue at Lakewood Cemetery
Lakewood Chapel, Wide View
Lakewood Chapel Entrance
Lakewood Chapel, Side View
Lakewood Cemetery Main Building
Lakewood Cemetery Mausoleum
Lakewood Cemetery
Chapel at Lakewood Cemetery
The Lake at Lakewood Cemetery

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An old, large cemetery in south Minneapolis known for it's trees and a small lake.

This cemetery is where my brother, Marc, has his ashes interned. A sister of mine, Debra Gregerson, is buried here as well, in the area called "babyland".
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Chris Gregerson, 150 Green Ave. N., New Richmond, WI 54017 USA

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