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University Avenue Bridge
4th Street and 14th Avenue Southeast
Grey's Drug/Loring Pasta Bar
Old Marshall University
4th Street Southeast
Interior of the Dinkydale Mall
4th Street and 14th Avenue Southeast
14th Avenue and 4th Street Southeast
15th Avenue and 4th Street Southeast
Dinkydome Interior
The Dinkydome on University Avenue SE
University Avenue and 15th Street SE
Minneapolis Skyline and Rail Yard from the U of M.
Al's Breakfast, Dinkytown, Minneapolis, MN
Dinkytown Alley
4th Street and 15th Avenue

Thumbnails of dinkytown pictures

Entertainment district by the U of M

Dinkytown is a retail district next to the U of M Minneapolis campus in Southeast Minneapolis. It is just across University Avenue from the east bank campus. It's been around 80 years or more, as the campus is well over 100 years old. It's part of the University community, with coffee shops, a stationer, three bookstores, a travel agency, a bank, and a dozen various restaurants and bars. It's surrounded by fraternities and student housing, as well as a residential neighborhood and University facilities(like Bearman field and U parking lots).

Stadium Village is a similar, slightly smaller district to the east, on the other side of the campus, but I don't have pictures of it yet. It's name comes from Memorial Stadium, which was demolished a few years ago. A new building on that site resembles a stealth bomber.

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