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Hennepin Avenue and Block E
Hennepin Avenue and Block E, Infrared
The Target Center
Skyway to Block E
Cars Crossing Hennepin at 6th
6th Street and Hennepin Avenue South
City Center and Block E
Target Center at Night
Traffic Officer, 1st Avenue and 6th Street
Skyway to Block E over 1st Avenue
Skyway from Target Center to Block E
Hard Rock Cafe and First Avenue Nightclub
Hard Rock Cafe Sign
First Avenue Nightclub
Target Center and Hard Rock Cafe
Block E and City Center
7th Street and 1st Avenue North
First Avenue Between Target Center and Block E
Crown Block E 15 Marquee on Block E
Hennepin and Block E Construction
Block E Construction
7th Street and Block E Construction
Block E Construction
Block E Construction

Thumbnails of block e pictures

Thumbnails of Block E photos from the Phototour of Minneapolis website

Block E ("E" being for "Entertainment") is at the center of downtown Minneapolis. It's between 6th and 7th Streets, and Hennepin Avenue and 1st Avenue. It's across from City Center on Hennepin, and across from the Target Center on 1st Avenue.

Before being razed around 1987, Block E was filled with a variety of seedy and not-so-seedy entertainment businesses. The property was a parking lot for over a decade while various development projects were considered and then shelved. The current Block E entertainment complex was developed by McCaffery Interests. Different tenents began opening up in 2002, such as the Crown Block E 15 movie theater, Border's Bookstore, and the Hard Rock Cafe.

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