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Media Outside the Wellstone Campaign Headquarters
Wellstone Memorial
Wellstone Campaign Sign and Flowers
Women Talking By Wellstone's Campaign Headquarters
People Outside the Wellstone Campaign Headquarters
Woman Lighting Candle, Wellstone Memorial
People Outside the Wellstone Campaign Headquarters
Reporter Judy Woodruff in St. Paul
Wellstone Memorial
Flowers Outside Paul Wellstone's Campaign Headquarters
Memorials Outside the Wellstone Campaign Headquarters
Wellstone Memorial

Thumbnails of wellstone memorial pictures

Photos of the memorial outside the late senator Paul Wellstone's campaign headquarters.

This category has photos taken outside the late Senator Paul Wellstone's campaign headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota. Located at University Avenue and Carleton, citizens created a makeshift memorial here following the death of Paul Wellstone in a plane crash on Friday, October 25th, 2002. Paul's wife, Sheila, and daughter, Marcia, died in the same crash. Three staffers and two pilots were also killed.

Wellstone was known as a champion of the poor, veterans' issues, labor, children's issue, and mental health care. Below is a quote from former President Bill Clinton:

"The people of Minnesota, America and the world have lost a friend and a champion of working families, the poor, the disenfranchised and the disabled. Paul's public life was a profile in courage. He spoke, stood and voted on his principles, even at the risk of his political career. Ultimately, he gave his life in public service, in the midst of working hard to earn another term. Just this week, he said, 'I am blessed to be a senator from Minnesota.' America was blessed to have a senator like Paul Wellstone."

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