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Chinese Tourist Riding Bicycle
Man Bicycling Home with a Chicken
Steemed Green Leafy Vegetables, Restaurant in Guilin, China
Teenage Girl in Hong Kong
Woman on Cell Phone, Hong Kong
Woman Shopping in Beijing Mall
Man Taking Picture, Li River Cruise, China
Chinese Man on Li River Cruise, Guilin, China
Taking a Picture with a Digital Camera, Guilin, China
Women on a Scooter in China
Chinese Man Pulling Cart
Chinese Friends at Shenzhen Restaurant
Chinese Man with Digital Camera
Chinese Traveller with Suitcase on a Sidewalk
Chinese Businesswoman
Businesswoman Inspecting a Product
Pagoda at a Resort in Hengdian, China
Groundskeeper, Resort Guests in Hotel Lobby
Jenny Outside Chinese Restaurant
Grandparents and Grandson
Woman Reading a Textbook
Chinese Woman with Laptop
Chinese Seafood
Jinhua Men Smiling
Woman in Shanghai Bar
Woman in Bookstore
Woman Shopping for Electronics
Woman Shopping for Camera
Woman Shopping for Electronics
Woman Shopping for Clothes
Young Woman Shopping
Woman Shopping for Clothes
Woman on Cellphone, Downtown Shanghai
Woman Smiling, Talking on Cellphone
Businessman Reading
Man on Cell Phone
Young Man on a Scooter
Woman Placing Cell Call
Man Talking on Cellphone

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