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Electronics Worker at Soldering Station
Chinese Businesswoman
Businesswoman Inspecting a Product
Worker Sorting Copper Parts
Welders in a Chinese Factory
Chinese Factory Agent
Copper Parts Factory, Zhejiang, China
DongFeng Factory, Hengdian
Chinese Copper Component Factory
Copper Manifold, Hengsheng Factory, China
Copper Parts, Hengsheng Factory, China
Copper Part, Hengsheng Factory, China
Copper Air-Conditioning Part
Copper Part, Hengsheng Factory, China
Chinese Factory Workers
Bending Copper Tubing
Group Discussion at a Factory
Welding Copper Air-Conditioning Components
Welder at Work, Zhejiang, China
Factory Worker, Zhejiang, China
Factory Sign, Zhejiang, China
Kaida Refrigeration Company, Taizhou City, China
Die Cast Factory
Die-Cast Factory, Zhejiang, China
Woman Working at Die Cast Factory, Zhejiang, China
American Engineer Taking Notes
Microscope in Factory Conference Room
Workers At Factory Gate, Southern China
Chinese Electronics Workers
Microscope in Conference Room
Factory Worker and New Construction
Chinese Electronics Workers

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