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Ilocano food
Medallions Hanging in a Manila Taxi
Medallions Hanging in a Manila Taxi
Upo/Squash at the Laoag Public Market
Hmong Dolls, International Market Place
Dairy Queen Sign
Children's Toys, International Market Place
Flint Co Bricks
Leaf from Ivy on a Picket Fence
Traditional Chinese Puppets, Yangshuo, China
Pay Telescope Viewer, Downtown St. Paul
Vietnam Veteran's Memorial (Close-Up)
Irene Hixon Whitney Footbridge (Close-Up)
Hostra and Other Plants, Lyndale Park
Close-Up of Wheat-like Plant
Close of of Plants at the Lyndale Park  Gardens
Drugstore Shelves with OTC Medicine
Waste Management Dumpster, California
Giant Pumpkin
Patent-Leather Shoes at a Thrift Store
Leafs and Pine Needles on the Forrest Floor
Cooked Crayfish/Crawfish
Close up of Frost-Covered Branches
Bunch of Pinili Garlic (Philippines)
Mushrooms for Sale, Farmer's Market
Carved Wooden Lamp with Rattan Lampshade
Patriotic Grave Marker in Autumn
Bananas, Strawberries, and Tomatoes at the Minneapolis Farmer's Market
Hand Trucks Parked in a Warehouse, Manila, Philippines
Computer Keyboard on Office Desktop
Flowers and Pointsettias on a Dining Room Table Setting
Computer Keyboard and Mouse on Wooden Desk
Candy Tray Close-Up
Cobble Pathway in the Forbidden City, Beijing, China
Vials, Microscope Slides and Saline Solution in ONA
Laboratory Supplies in Ospital ng Angeles (ONA)
Light Shining on Chair in Empty Office at Ospital ng Angeles (ONA)
Bundles of Medical Records in Ospital ng Angeles (ONA)
Ospital ng Angeles' (ONA) X-ray Equipment
Centrifuge and Test Tubes in Ospital ng Angeles' (ONA) Laboratory
A Single Leaf in Fresh Snow
Mountain of Stacked Firewood Against a Blue Sky
Bark of a Palm Tree with Christmas Lights
In-Home Electric Lift for Getting up the Stairs
In-Home Stair Lift (for the Elderly or Disabled)
Old-Fashioned Lamps, City Hall
Old-Fashioned Lamps, City Hall
Traditional Table Lamp, Flowers, and Christmas Lights
Taxi Driver's Catholic Medallion
Rope in Manila Bay, the Philippines
Coffee Cup with Whole Beans
Roasted Coffee Beans in Coffee Cup
Projector in a Computer Classroom / Lab
Overhead Projector (Sony)
Gumball Machines
Parking Meters and Snow
Canon Digital Rebel
Seashell and Beach House
Drinking Fountain in Winter
Dried Flower in Winter
Pottery Wheel Class
Grass and Leaf Covered with Hoarfrost
Hoarfrost on Autumn Leafs
Roosevelt Gate, Arlington National Cemetery
Stargazer Lily or Tiger Lily
Giant Mushroom
Black Dragon Lily
American Flag
Eye (Close-up)
Foreshortened View of a Tree Trunk
Wood Chairs, Black and White
Dark Bedroom with Reading Light
Victorian Spire
Lightbulb Hanging over Girard Avenue
Footprints in the Snow
Sun Microsystems Terminal at MTTA
Blood Transfusion
Cup of Coffee and Notebook
Computer Desk

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