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Greedy Squirrel Stealing Food
Squirrel Approaching Food Cautiously
Squirrel Looking You in the Eye
City Squirrel Eating a Walnut
Squirrel Eating an Almond
Albino Squirrel / White Squirrel
Chipmunk Eating Food
Chipmunk Sniffing Food
Squirrel on a Ledge
Unsatisfied Squirrel
Hungry Squirrel
Squirrel Intruder
Squirrel in Autumn Leafs
Funny Squirrel
Squirrel With Almond in Mouth
Hungry Squirrel
Squirrel Visitor
Squirrel Reaching for Food
Squirrel Takes Almond
Squirrel with Food in his Mouth
Squirrel on a Tree
Squirrel Holding an Almond
Squirrel Eating on my Patio
Sarah the Squirrel
Squirrel Begging for Food
Squirrel Eating on a Branch
A Squirrel Watching Me
Squirrel and Moon
Squirrel with a Banana Chip
Squirrel with an Almond
Squirrel Taking an Almond
Feeding a Squirrel an Almond
Squirrel Eating Brazil Nut
Standing Squirrel
Squirrel Poster
Feeding a Squirrel in a Tree
Incoming Squirrel Close-Up
Squirrel Taking a Nut
Fox Squirrel Sitting in the Grass
Squirrel Going for a Nut
The Grab
Fox Squirrel Sitting in Park
Eyes on the Prize
Alert Fox Squirrel
Standing Squirrel
Squirrel Sitting on my Ankles
Squirrel Leaping (Motion Blur)
Squirrel Sitting on my Hip
Squirrel on a Man's Leg
Squirrel Sitting on my Leg
Fox Squirrel Close-Up
Squirrel in the Grass
Fox Squirrel Taking a Cashew
Squirrel Sniffing Cashew
Fox Squirrel
Offering Food to a Squirrel
Squirrel on Linda's Knee
Squirrel Taking a Nut
Squirrel Approaching Food Cautiously
LA Squirrel
LA Squirrel Wanting More
Fox Squirrel in a Sunbeam
Squirrel Taking Cashew
Fox Squirrel Inspecting Camera
Eastern Fox Squirrel
Eastern Fox Squirrel
Fox Squirrel Eating Cashew
Squirrel on a Log
Patches the Squirrel
Patches the Squirrel
Squirrel Taking an Almond
Brownie the Squirrel at my Patio Door
Brownie the Squirrel at my Patio Door
Headshot of Stuart the Squirrel
Four Squirrels Resting in a Tree
Squirrel Eating
Squirrel at the Door
Squirrel Climbing up to Feeder
Three Squirrels Playing --
Squirrel Standing Up and Eating
Squirrel in Concentration
Squirrel Eating on Railing
Profile of Brownie on Railing
Brownie the Squirrel
Messy Squirrel
Squirrel Linebacker?
Perched Squirrel
Squirrel Reaching for Food Jar
Squirrel Crouched on Railing
Squirrel Reaching for Food
Squirrel Standing on Railing
Brownie the Squirrel on Railing
Squirrel Pushing Face into Feeder
Squirrel Standing
Two Squirrels Eating on Patio
Squirrel in a Breadpan
Squirrel with Sunflower Seeds
Squirrel on a Tree
Squirrel on Air Conditioner
Eastern Gray Squirrel, Molting or with Mange
Squirrel Perching on Feeder
Suspicious Squirrel
Messy Squirrel Chewing
Squirrel in a Breadpan
Two Squirrels Eating
Squirrel Perched and Feeding
Squirrel Feeding
Crouching Squirrel, Hidden Peanut
Eastern Gray Squirrel
Feeding Squirrel
Eastern Gray Squirrel
Squirrel Inside a Mason Jar
Brownie the Squirrel Standing at Feeder
Profile of Brownie the Squirrel
Squirrel at Feeder
Squirrel at Feeder
Portrait of Squirrel at Feeder
Squirrel Feet
Gray Squirrel in Tree
Feeding a Squirrel a Banana Chip
Squirrel on Railing
Squirrel Standing Upright and Eating
Squirrel Standing Upright and Eating
Close-Up of Brownie the Squirrel
Profile of Brownie the Squirrel Eating
Profile of
Squirrel Eating with his Paws
Squirrel Eating an Almond
Portrait of Squirrel Standing Upright
Portrait of Brownie the Squirrel
Standing Squirrel
Squirrel Standing on Feeder
Squirrel Reaching into Feeder
Squirrel Sitting and Eating on Railing
Squirrel Watching Camera
Brownie the Squirrel Sitting on Railing
Squirrel Reaching for Feeder
Squirrel at Patio Door
Squirrel and a Feeder
Squirrel on a Railing
Close-up of Squirrel Eating with his Paws
Squirrel on a Tree Branch
Squirrel Eating with his Paws
Squirrel Eating a Cookie
Squirrel and a Cookie Jar
Squirrel Hiding Vanilla Wafer
Squirrel Climbing Down a Stucco Wall
Hungry and Curious Squirrel
Squirrel Portrait

Thumbnails of squirrels pictures

Close-up photos of wild city squirrels

This category has photos of Eastern Gray Squirrels. Growing up in the Twin Cities, squirrels were a non-threatening, cute urban wildlife. These squirrels like to eat Almonds, peanuts, cashews, and fruit that I put outside the apartment I had at the time.

Note: it is risky to feed squirrels by hand, they can't see well close up and can bite the hand feeding them.
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