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Sheridan Elementary School
Sitio Pader Elementary School
Students at Siteo Pader Elementary School, Philippines
South High School, Minneapolis
Sign Banning Guns from a Public High School
Playground at a Neighborhood School
West Elementary School, New Richmond, WI
Elementary Students in Classroom, the Philippines
Elementary Student Reading, Siteo Pader School
Filipino Boy Doing Schoolwork in Class
Elementary Students Writing in Philippino Classroom
American(Kano) Photographer in a Filipino Classroom
Sitio Pader Elementary Schoolkids Laughing
Entrance to Pratt
South High School Rock
Room 246, South High School
Hallway by Office, South High
Main Stairway, South High
Balcony at South High School
Second Floor Hallways at South
South High Media Center
South High Commons, overhead
The Commons at Lunchtime
Main Entrance of South High
Roosevelt Computer Lab
Roosevelt High School Main Entrance
Pratt Community Education Center
Pratt Community School
Whittier Community School for the Arts
Pratt Community Education Center Basement
Hallway Inside the Pratt Community Education Center
Detail of Sydney Pratt School Building
Entrance to Pratt Community Education Center
Southwest High School (Winter)
Front of South High School
Southwest High School Entrance
Sun Microsystems Terminal at MTTA
Server Room at MTTA
Minneapolis Technical Training Academy
MTTA Classroom
Minneapolis Technical Training Academy
Stairway at Southwest
Southwest Front Hall
Southwest High School
Washburn High School Entrance
Roosevelt Front Hallway
Hallway at Roosevelt High School
Hallway at Roosevelt High School

Thumbnails of public schools pictures

Pictures of public school buildings in Minneapolis

This category has pictures of public schools, both exteriors and interiors. I went through the Minneapolis public school system, and I now teach community education classes through them.

phone at 612-245-4306
Chris Gregerson, 150 Green Ave. N., New Richmond, WI 54017 USA

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