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Camel Ride, California
Pet Pigeon, Philippines
Fish for Sale, Filipino Market
Egret, Lake Minnetonka
Albino Squirrel
Buffalo on a Wisconsin Farm
Alpaca, St. Croix County Fair
Bald Eagle from the Raptor Center
Horses on Main Street Southeast
Man Riding a Carabou (Water Buffalo) in a Village in the Philippines
Lion at the Como Park Zoo
Portrait of a Young Colt (Horse)
Deer at Willow River State Park
Orangutans at the Como Park Zoo
Orangutan Child at the Como Park Zoo
Orangutan in the Como Park Zoo's Primate Exhibit
Chicken in Bamboo Cage
Bunny by the Spring Lake Trail
A Dog in Tam-Awan Village in Baguio City
Puppy Along the Walkway of Tam-Awan Village, Baguio City
Cockfight in Ilocos Norte, the Philippines
Cow Grazing near the Badoc River, Ilocos Norte
Carabao in Ilocos Norte, Philippines
Pidgeon On A Navy Pier
Giraffe and Handler, The Living Desert Zoo
Wet Dog With Tennis Ball
Wet Dog With Tennis Ball
Koala Bear in a Tree (in a Zoo)
A Sick Dog Alone in the Streets of Balibago
Horses in the Warm-Up Pen, State Fair
Horses and Riders Outside the Hippodrome Arena, MN State Fair
Goats Sleeping on Straw, State Fair
Prize Chicken or Rooster, State Fair
Dog Carrying a White Plastic Bag on the Street Near a Construction Site
Albino Squirrel / White Squirrel
Close-up of a Chipmunk Eating a Peanut
Chipmunk Eating Food
Chipmunk on Patio
Chipmunk Sniffing Food
Two Ducks Feeding
Sandpiper with Beak in the Surf
Seagull in Flight
Pelican in Flight
Green Gecko on a White Fence
Female Dog on Streets of Manila, the Philippines
Farmer and Water Buffalo (Caribaou)
Filipino Chicken
Philippine Bull (Male Cow)
Horse-drawn Wagon, San Diego
Great Blue Heron in Flight
Woman and her Pug Dog.
Beagle Basset Dog
Dog Portraint (Boxer)
Boxer Dog Profile
Cat's Fangs
Two Cats at Christmas
Dogs Playing (Golden Retrievers)
African Crested Porcupine
Big Horn Sheep
Cat Peeking Over a Box
Cat Playing in a Carboard Box
Dog Playing Fetch at Lake Harriet
Two Horses in a Pasture
Golden Retreiver
Murphy, Golden Retriever
Logan the Cat
Mounted Police and Kids at a Park
Wild African Dogs
Wildlife Wonders Presentation at the Living Desert
Squirrel Eating on a Branch
Squirrel in the Grass
Fox Squirrel at UCLA
Offering Food to a Squirrel
White Dove Strutting
White Dove
White Dove in Sunlight
White Dove Standing at Food Dish
White Dove
Seagull at Santa Monica Pier
Seagull (Herring Gull)
Black Gull, Santa Monica Pier
Seagull with Wings Spread
Herring Gull (aka
Teenage Boy in Costume Holding a Goose
Brown Geese, Minnesota Renaissance Festival
Seagulls Flying at Lake Calhoun
Seagulls at Lake Calhoun
Bumblebee on a Wild Onion
Blue Dragonfly
Bumblebee and Pink Flower
Free Range Chicken
Free Range Chicken
Beaver in the Calhoun Settling Pond
Dogs on Orlin Avenue
Holiday Horse Ride
Goose in Loring Park
Kids Feeding Ducks
Angel the Cat
Cat in Reeds
Bass Fish Caught in Lake Harriet
Linda and Tom with Calf
Tom and Linda with Calf
Marc, a Snake, and Francine in their Jeep
Marc with a Snake
Marc Releasing Snake
Marc Holding a Snake
Angel the Cat
Beached Jellyfish

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pets,insects, and other animals

This category has miscelaneous photos of animals and insects. Note that there are seperate categories devoted to photos of ducks and squirrels, what I think of as urban wildlife.

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