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Mushrooms in the Wildflower Garden (#476)

Mushrooms in the Wildflower Garden
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Theodore Wirth Park
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picture date: 2000-06-17


Different flowers and plants bloom at the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden during different times during the summer. I didn't see lots of color when I visited, but the spring was rather cool. I saw this healthy outcropping of mushrooms, growing out of some dead wood.

Mushrooms are a fungus, not a plant. As a fungus, they are single-celled organisms and don't get energy from photosynthesis. A mushroom is a colony of millions of separate organisms, working together. Most of the mushroom's cells are in a mass underneath the visible part. They are a giant mass of undifferentiated fungus inside the tree. The mushroom releases spores, so serves a reproductive purpose.

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