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Malicious Prosecution Lawsuit started

On May 28th, 2009, I filed a Complaint for malicious prosecution and abuse of process against a corporation that sued me unsuccessfuly, it's two attorneys, their firms, and a former employee. My Complaint seeks to recover my legal fees in defending a lawsuit brought against me, which was brought without a reasonable basis.

There is an extensive chronology of the original lawsuit for defamation brought against me on this site. That litigation eventually included my own copyright infringement claims against the other party, and led to a trial in November, 2007, in federal court (D. Minn). I represented myself and prevailed on my 3 copyright claims the 7 claims against me.

I've set up a web site that discusses this new litigation for malicious prosecution, including a docket of all filings in the case, and a seperate page for major documents/hearings. Visitors can post comments.

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