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Blackey's Bakery (#908)

Blackey's Bakery
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picture date: 2000-08-07


You are on 22nd Avenue Northeast by Washington. This is Blackey's Bakery, a long-time neighborhood business.


  • Scott McGerik   Minneapolis -- 2002-04-10

    The interior and exterior of Blackey's Bakery ain't that great, but I sure like their kolaches! And their potato bread is so soft and delicious. Yum!

  • Rebecca   Mpls -- 2003-01-29

    My family has long been a customer of this famous nordeast bakery.
    Polish Rye can't be beat!

  • Mara   NE Mpls -- 2004-04-10

    This place is a block from my house. I used to work third shift and every morning when I came home the air everywhere smelled like fresh bread and pastries. It is really hard to resist!

  • Karen   New Mexico -- 2004-11-19

    I remember going to Blackey's with my grandmother(baba) when I was a child of about 7 yrs old- 1947/48 with a red wagon and getting the best poppy seed bread ever made and the smells coming from Blacky's were the best I ever smelled.

  • kathy turner keane   henderson nevada -- 2005-04-10

    i remember blackeys of my first jobs .i put salt on the freshly backed donuts instead of sugar....
    NO i didn't get fired.....

  • Jocey   Nordeast -- 2005-06-05

    I just moved in down the street from Blackey's. It's wonderful to walk by late at night on the way home from the bar and smell the yummy bakery smell and know that in the morning I can haul my tired self out of bed and amble on over for a caramel roll and a cup of coffee.

  • Dawn   -- 2006-10-04

    I just heard it closed. I am so sad because it has been a tradition in our family for 80 years to have polish rye, cheesecake and poppyseed bread for Easter. I want recipes!!! My Grandpa Vawracz used to go there and all my Uncles and cousins. It will be a huge loss for many. Where else is there to get these things?

  • John McDonald   Greenville Pa. -- 2009-09-15

    I lived on Washington St. and went by the bakery all the time . Great was everything

  • teresa wojdyla   coon rapids -- 2016-01-10

    Sorry that Blackey's is closed. Was hoping someone may have continued the business. Every Sunday we would get loaves of Polish Rye and dozens of bismarks and doughnuts. They are remembered as still the best around!

  • Frank   Mlps. -- 2018-07-20

    I was Employed as a baker at Blackey's 1979-1995. Worked for Bud and George and I worked for the Ernst Family ( who bought the bakery in the early 90's) for a few years as well.

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