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13th Avenue and University Avenue Northeast (#900)

13th Avenue and University Avenue Northeast
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picture date: 2000-08-07


You are on 13th Avenue Northeast, about to cross University Avenue(facing east). The Modern Cafe and Ritz Theater are up ahead on the left.



  • kathy turner keane   henderson,nevada -- 2005-04-10

    I haven't been back to this area in a few years. i grew up around here, and went to see "Psycho" the first time at the Ritz Theatre when I was a little girl 9 or 10 yrs old. Miss the good ole days.

  • Andrew   Lauderdale, MN -- 2006-10-01

    If you took out the cars this photo could be 30+ years ago.

  • Simeon Andriaczyk   Minneapolis -- 2009-04-09

    It is politically incorrect and in extremely bad taste to refer to Nordeast Minneapolis because this makes fun of the early settlers who were unable to speak English as perfectly as some people could. Nowadays, if you want to make fun of someone, do so for the young people who cannot properly use the English language even though they presumably graduated from high school.

  • John McDonald   Greenville Pa. -- 2009-09-15

    I grew up one block south of this pic, Univ. and Broadway and remember Andy's Bar on the corner rebottons(sp) Cafe next door, Mady's, the dry cleaners, the Ritz, Art Shaskies(sp) a hdwe store and a drug store with the PNA hall upstairs. The right side of your pic was a gas station, a house, a vacant lot a flower shop and Lazars liquor store. I might have missed a couple stores. My dad was from the old counry and spoke Svedish ( Swedish). I am proud of the accent and the way Nordeast is used. John McDonald

  • therese t.   andover,mn -- 2009-10-08

    Jim & Bob Therres owned the mechanics garage (Therres Bros.)at the corner on the right. They sold gas too (skelly)
    It was there that everyone who lived nordeast took their cars in for repair.

  • John Zellie   Newport Beach, California -- 2014-07-21

    I lived on 4th street, this street intersect with 4th, not shown is or was a grocery store on 4th and a bakery across the street from the Ritz. Remember going to the Ritz every Saturday for years. I can't remember grocery stores, certainly not malls.

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