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King of Clubs Bar, Central Avenue (#894)

King of Clubs Bar, Central Avenue
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picture date: 2000-08-07


You are looking south on Central Avenue NE near 3rd Ave NE. This is the King of Clubs bar, featured briefly in the film "Fargo"(as the Moor head meeting place between the husband and the men hired to kidnap his wife).


  • Barbara Zimmer   1006 center cir. n.e. -- 2002-10-05

    My Grandfather(Joe Valenta) ran his Speakeasy in the above Apts. of the King Of Clubs during the ban on liquor.

  • Darin   Edina, MN -- 2005-12-17

    This no longer exists!!! It's now an apartment building!! I spent 2 hours of my life looking for it!

  • John Meunier   301 Wolf Swamp Road -- 2006-09-30

    I owned a restaurant / bar named "King of Clubs" in Chicopee, MA. I ran the club with my wife for eight years. We made many friends and had a lot of laughs.

  • cathy   618 5th st .N.E. -- 2007-12-29

    I have lived Northeast all of my life. You have no idea of the history of the King of Clubs. The very fabric of the areas history is magnificent.

  • Anna Carlson Ellingsworth   MInneapolis -- 2009-03-12

    My fathter bought this bar in 1984 and ran it until he passed away in 1994, My brothers and I had it until the sale of it in 2001. I love this picture and would like to get a copy if possible. I have many good memories of customers, and good times at this place. It seems so strange to drive down Central and not see it anymore. When the movie Fargo was filmed there, of course just a minute in the film, it was a blast to meet the Coen brothers, and the stars. Interesting to see all the work involved in such a short stint in the movie. We thought the movie wouldn't even make it the theaters and it won an academy award, of course on that night we had a huge party there and channel four came to interview some of us. Anyway, just wanted to say this place is missed.

  • BARBARA   BLAINE -- 2010-05-21


  • Anna   -- 2010-05-26

    I don't know Sheila, but do you know the Dahers or the Broscoes?? I know they would know who you are talking about I'm sure.

  • BARBARA   BLAINE -- 2010-06-14

    Hi, No, I don't know the Brosco's or Daher's...can you give me the first names?Are they on Facebook?How can i contact them? Thanks..

  • Anna   -- 2010-08-10

    I don't believe they are facebook. Their mother worked around NE forever, and so have they. Lori, Lorolie, and there are eight more of them.

  • Karl   Hot Springs -- 2011-02-04

    "Big City, turn me loose, set me free" - yeah Gaear, a great song in a great scene of an academy award-winningly fantastic movie!

  • Gaear   -- 2011-02-04 keep your retirement, and your so called - social security...

  • Anna   Minneapolis -- 2011-06-09

    Haha, forgot that song...

  • mike fahey   3316 arthur street -- 2011-10-31

    When I lived at 624 Van Buren in the 1940s. Mike Buckley lived on our block & my father tended bar there part-time. It was a railroad man's bar & everyone drank whiskey. No one drank beer.

  • Matt   -- 2012-07-23

    If anyone knows the whereabouts of the King of Clubs Sign I would love to purchase. Thanks

  • GREG PIERCE   COCOA,FL -- 2012-08-21

    Went in the bar one time when I was a teenager in the 60S, so only had a burger and cola. However we must not forget the bar's starring role in "Fargo", though I have been gone from Mpls for 40 years I recognized the bar immediately when I saw William Macy pull into the parking lot!

  • Chris   Wa -- 2013-03-04

    I bartended here for a short while in the 80's after Scott Ledoux sold it. Lots of good stories came out of that place!!

  • Ernie   Florida -- 2014-02-06

    This bar used to be Palmer's in the late 60's, a restaurant.

  • Steve   Las Vegas -- 2017-05-14

    My father owned (and named) this bar in the early 1960's. He sold it in 1967 and moved to Las Vegas. My brothers and I bought the Large playing card shown in this pic when the building was torn down. We had it shipped to Las Vegas, and it remains here today mounted on my nephews living room wall.

  • Matt   Minneapolis -- 2017-06-15

    Hey Steve, if theres anyway I can reach you please email me. I'd like to discuss purchasing the sign if thats at all possible.

  • Matt   Minneapolis -- 2017-06-15

    Hey Steve, if theres anyway I can reach you please email me. I'd like to discuss purchasing the sign if thats at all possible.

  • Deanna   -- 2017-10-24

    Steve is your father's name Chuck W

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