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Downtown Badoc, Ilocos Norte (#5519)

Downtown Badoc, Ilocos Norte
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Ilocos Norte
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copyright © 2004 Chris Gregerson. Available format: 6 megapixel (3072 x 2048 total resolution)
picture date: 2004-12-26


This is an intersection in Badoc, a small town in Ilocos Norte. You are in the center of town, at the bus stop, as traffic passes some stores.



  • F.D.Dagmang   Manila -- 2006-12-03

    My name's Ferdinand too but your dad must a cousin. If you can send me an email it would help. Thanks

  • brendon jay garcia   badoc, ilocos norte -- 2006-12-27

    hi!ite been a long time since i have heard from dad that he has a cousin who, in a way had the same life as me, a seminarian too yet went out of the seminary...i am so glad having heard of a dagmang ringing his bell thoughout the world!!!!i am brendon jay d. garcia the son of bernardo dagmang garcia from morong, badoc ilocos norte..God bless our family!!!!

  • Eddie Raa   Bulacan -- 2007-08-22

    i've never been to badoc. but i am informed that my roots came from this place...

  • Rafael Galindo   Sydney, Australia -- 2008-02-03

    Good Day Mate!
    I think this picture taken near the
    Barrio 2 garreta which is accross the Pharmacy the old market. Is that make any sense? Anyway,my relos (palafox and dagdagan) still leaves here.

  • roro   badoc / Hawaii -- 2008-02-03

    This pic is the detachment area. It leads you to the municipal towm proper and at the opposite end leads you towards (away) other barios away from town.

  • Rafael galindo   Sydney, australia -- 2008-02-25

    Are you sure its near the detachment. How come people riding bikes on the highway with out helmet. Anyway, have a nice day to ANAK T BADOC.

  • krieszelle   -- 2008-03-11

    hellow sa mga taga badoc!! IloveYou all... miz ko nang umwi jan..

  • lito naidas bibal   philrice, nueva ecija -- 2008-05-18

    this photo brings me back my elem. school dayys at central, where's the "batollagip?

  • RC   California -- 2008-08-01

    My mom's family is from Badoc. Her family name is Campos. Her mother's maiden name was Gamatero. I visited Badoc as a child and I enjoyed seeing where my mom spent her summer vacations. I'm actually trying to make a family tree, trace back my roots. Can anyone help me out please?

  • E   BAY AREA, USA -- 2008-09-01


  • al gamatero   tustin, orange county, calif. -- 2008-09-28

    only been to badoc 5 times, last time was in the 60's.
    it is nice to hear from a distant relative. any relation to lewis and maria?

  • sherwin garcia   9 Paltit Badoc, Ilocos Norte -- 2008-11-02

    asideg dyay balay mi daytoy detachment, mapagpagna, around 75m.. hope 2 be home soon, i miss u my hometown, BADOC

  • miss j   manila -- 2008-11-25

    hey sa may detachment to ah..
    miss ko na ang badoc..

  • Rafael Galindo   Sydney Australia -- 2008-12-11

    Hello everyone,
    Im so happy just to read all your comments.The last time I went to visit our town was 1997 it's been a while.Maybe some of you will go spend Christmass in our town.Please
    take some photos and post it.Anyway, Merry Christmass to everyone and have a nice New Year.

  • vino   manila -- 2009-01-04

    hello....everyone viewing this picture... balay mi daytoy apo... thank you... it's really nice na, na feature itong bahay namin...

  • Ramon Ednilao   Winnipeg,Canada -- 2009-01-05

    nice to see my BADOC. I miss all the fun during my high school day's at BJC.Hello to all the Badocquenos hi to Pablo Reyes and to all our 1973 alumni. Long live BADOCQUENOS!!!

  • Ron   South San Francisco -- 2009-01-07

    my family name is Gamatero
    To Al Gamatero I think we are cousins and you are originally from Hawaii Right?

  • Rafael Galindo   Sydney, Australia -- 2009-02-16

    Hello BadocQuenos,
    Kamusta ang pasko at Bagong Taon Sa BADOC?
    Baka may Bagong Photos na pwedeng E Post naman sa mga nag Pasko at nag Bagong Taon Sa atin. Please Naman baka pwedeng E Share.
    We would like to say hello to my Relatives in LAS Vegas Especially to Cathy Renesis Family.

  • Fagaragan   North Carolina -- 2009-02-25

    I grew up in Barrio #17 of Badoc and had passed by the pictured intersection a hundred times in my youth. As I remember, the Church (Catholic?) and the Municipal Building are a stone's throw away. The public market is also not too far away. As a kid, we go to town to sell fruits and vegetables and buy fresh fish and meat. I remember the artesian well. Is it still there? Oh, how I long to see the place again. I wonder if the ipon, ar-arusip, and kilawen a kalding, etc. are still as delicious as I remember. Please e-mail me if only to tell me how nice it is to be home again.

  • cajigal   badoc,ilocos norte -- 2009-03-26

    musta amin apo nga taga badoc!!!!!

  • Osias Balgos   San Jose, California -- 2009-04-03

    My kababayan,
    patpatgen a kakailian, gagayyem ken kakabagyan.
    "ayayaten kay amin apo"

  • roro   nagrebcan/balbaldes/garetta -- 2009-04-19

    Gamatero and Fagaragang I believe that Family knows its other. Ladera should be mix in this last names. They are all related to each other. By the way the, you mention all the food; you don't what you missing. I've spend 06-07 X-mas at Badoc. Love it.

  •   US -- 2009-06-01

    If this picture was taken by the detachment, there is no way it is a stone's throw away from the church and the municipal building.
    The detachment is lcated diay daya and the church is at the plaza.

  • manny   guam -- 2009-08-01

    Hey RC,maybe you are related to enriqueta g. campos gamponia.I'm also related to her because my mom's maiden name is also gamatero.Maybe we can all go and have a vacation in Badoc sometime at the same time, and see if we belong to the same family tree.That would be awesome!

  • manny   guam -- 2009-08-01

    This is the intersection at the old Phil. Constabulary detachment.
    This is not downtown Badoc as described in the picture,this is just an intersection along the national highway going up north to Laoag City.

  • pok pok   san diego -- 2009-08-13

    rodriguez tolentino pharmacy

  • Rafael Galindo   Sydney Australia -- 2009-10-06

    Kamusta lahat nang taga Badoc.
    Kilala nyo ho ba si Uncle Atab nga Palafox Taga Garreta Anyone?
    Hopefully baka mai bagong photos na pwede nyong e dagdag rito.
    Advance Merry Christmas sa inyong lahat.
    Magkita na lang sana tayong lahat sa April Feista sa Badoc. God Bless

  • rgasler   lakewood ca -- 2009-10-06

    daan nga picture daytan...tay barbaro koma..ah

  • RJOSOL GASLER   LAKEWOOD CA -- 2009-10-21

    I was born in Sta. Cruz Badoc and graduated from Badoc JR College.Once a while I visited Badoc and it always reminds me of my youth my highschool life.

  • Juanita Cajigal Frere   London -- 2009-12-19

    Well,im originaly from ligsay badoc
    i miss my family back home

  • Lya Vergara   ortigas -- 2010-02-17

    sadjay detachment! missin' badoc

  •   -- 2010-05-11

    Manong Maxi Nanalo ba tayo? Si Uncle Bayani Nanalo rin Ba? See you sometime next year.

  • J. Jallorina   Kuwait -- 2010-06-23

    I was studied in J.L.M.A. and my last visit in Badoc was 1998 I dont have any idea how it look like now. I hope it has good improvement. I hope next time you post new photos of our town. Thanks.

  • Leo toelentino   brgy #3 alogoog -- 2010-08-19

    adda pay lang kadi paggatangan ti empanada? mamis ko man ti mangan.. paw itan dak man la....

  • alex gadia   georgia usa -- 2010-10-28

    ive been to badoc i got alot of gayyem there mainly in nagrebcan n balbaldes..namely andy pagdilao valentine pagdilao eddiemar padill semana,roy pagdilao.anybody know where are these people..pls....Email me..thanks...

  • alex gadia   georgia usa -- 2010-10-28

    ive been to badoc i got alot of gayyem there mainly in nagrebcan n balbaldes..namely andy pagdilao valentine pagdilao eddiemar padill semana,roy pagdilao.anybody know where are these people..pls....Email

  • Sam   San Francisco -- 2010-12-08

    I miss the Philippines especially my hometown, Badoc.. It has been 15yrs since my last visit. I am a 1972 BJC alumnus... Where are my classmates now?

  • francis John   garreta, badoc, Ilocos Norte -- 2010-12-28

    This is photo taken at the detachment. All badoquenos knows this di ka taga badoc pag di mo alam ito. ang mga motor na ito ay papasok sa loob ng badoc sa sentro.

  • Palafox   Hawaii -- 2011-02-15

    I am trying to obtain transcripts from Badoc HS where I grad 1977.
    Would anyone know of the address, phone number, and email?
    Please email.

  • basilio rebalde   iloilo -- 2011-02-24

    gud day po! sa mayor po ng badoc, at sa brgy. captain ng 4b aring, at sa lahat n kumakatawan sa municipality of badoc. nais ko po sana humingi ng tulong s inyong lahat n kung pwede ay madalaw at mapasyalan nyu ung 3 kong anak sa aring. sila po ay sina jaysil, mary antonette, at christia mae...wala n po akong contacts sa kanila almost 2 years ago na po... may nkpagtxt po sa akin n di ko kilala na may mga sakit po sila... kaya thru thisn communication sana malaman ko yung totoo....wala n po akong tiwala sa kanila.... sa mga nkkilala sa kanila pls.. pls.. pls.. visit them and email me if this is true.... i need pic's of my daughters. nkkpagchat lang me sa cafe... mahaba po ang kwento kong bakit kami nagkakalayo at nagkawatak watak lahat... mayor ng badoc pls tulungan ny nanaman po family ko there in aring... ty in advance...

  • basilio rebalde   iloilo -- 2011-02-24

    gud day! i was born in iloilo. i was married to jaynalyn usabal, a residence of barangay aring, badoc, ilocos norte. dati, nung una, i like thier attitudes towards my kids and her families nung me work p me nun.... but, later npapansin ko na theyre all bads(with exeptional) ang ending.... andyan cla lahat sa aring.... to all mga ilokanos im very sory to tell.... n mukhang pera ung naaswa ko.... pk2lungan nyo naman ung 3 kids ko dyan... see u nxt time...

  • jep marquez cuison   pangasinan -- 2011-05-24

    my relatives are marquez and salmasan ,,i remember when i was a child ,i used to walk here every time ,i go to detachment to buy foods in my auntie bebots store ,,my lola teresas house is nearby to the juan luna shrine...tha last time i went there was september 2009 with cousin from california ,,manong ron ,,and last year june 2010 i visit my childhood friend paul john from vegas.........i wish i can come back there soon.......

  • james clave   menteng, jakarta, indonesia -- 2013-07-24

    Tama po, kung hindi kayo lumaki sa Badoc, hindi niyo alam kung anong lugar ito. INTERSECTION ITO NG KALSADA SA MAY DETACHMENT NG PHIL CONSTABULARY (PC), those riding on their motorbikes are going towards the direction of the town proper, near the Gorospe Hospital. It intersects with the national highway (Maharlika Highway) linking Manila and Laoag City, the capital city of Ilocos Norte in the north. Opposite of the road going to the town proper is a barangay road going to Brgy. Paltit.

  • cris c rañeses   pasig city -- 2016-03-17

    i have never been to badoc although my father, alfredo lara rañeses (d) used to tell us that his father, donato rañeses was a native of badoc (i don't know what barangay). i hope someday to go to badoc.

  • cris c rañeses   pasig city -- 2016-03-17

    i have never been to badoc although my father, alfredo lara rañeses (d) used to tell us that his father, donato rañeses was a native of badoc (i don't know what barangay). i hope someday to go to badoc.

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