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First National Bank Building (#1977)

First National Bank Building
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picture date: 2002-05-19


This tower is a landmark building in downtown St. Paul. It's called the First National Bank Building, located at 332 Minnesota Street. This view is looking east down East 4th Street, from near St. Peter Street.


  • William   St. Paul -- 2003-10-06

    This is Saint Paul's third tallest building. It is 418 feet tall, not including the "1st" logo. I wish that the the site owner would get more shots of St. Paul's skyscrapers. And will some people PLEASE make some comments on this photo. I like to know what people think of my home town.

  • Anonymous   New York, NY -- 2004-03-17

    The building really isn't that impressive, but then my perception might be skewered being from NY.

  • Wayne Bowman   Houston,TX -- 2005-03-15

    I was born in Mpls.,went to Mac for a while, then lived in St. Paul after I got married. I remember seeing this building at night with that big red 1. Maybe from the east of the river,( it's been 23 or 24 years.)I like the picture.

  • Michael   St. Paul -- 2005-10-05

    After living in Minneapolis for most of my life I've recently moved to Saint Paul. One of my reasons for moving to St. Paul is that the city has done a better job keeping the architectural history intact. Minneapolis has an ongoing trend of tearing down buildings older than 50 years. What you end up with is lots of ugly corporate glass & steel or non-descript sand coloured stone buildings without any decorative facades. Saint Paul, on the other hand, is gorgeous and historic. You'll even find brick streets still. Mpls. has been ruined over the years of reconstruction.

  • Mia   Minneapolis -- 2005-12-21

    I just love working in this buidling, it feels like home! its clean and the people are friendly!!

  • Lindsay   St. Paul -- 2006-11-30

    A big hang out for us in high school was sitting on the grass of the Native American burial mounds off of Mounds Boulevard in St. Paul and looking at the view of the St. Paul and Minneapolis skyline. This building was always the first thing we'd see once we got up there. It's quite spectacular at night.

  • Melissa   Bloomington -- 2006-11-30

    I would love to see pictures of the inside of this building posted online. If I'm correct, the elevator lobby area is absolutely beautiful - very retro looking with lots of decoration and embellishment. Either way, this is a historic building I'll always appreciate.

  • John   St. Paul--DT -- 2009-03-23

    This is a horrible picture of a nice building. It doesn't do justice to showing the building. Total with the "1st" it's 517 ft. You don't get an idea of what it's like from this photo. The building was finished in the early '30s and was one of the 10 tallest in US at that time. Some influence from Empire State Bldg. It's been a mainstay on the skyline for 75 years. The current owner wanted to take the "1" down, but the city wouldn’t let them. It's a landmark. Plz post a better photo that shows it in its entirety.

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